Why ZEN Bodi™ Works


Zen Bodi™ is unlike anything you have ever ever seen before, as this is groundbreaking research, using groundbreaking technology with tons of scientific backing. It works by restoring the body, by youth enhancing the body.

Watch this video with Donna Antarr MD and Vincent Giampapa MD as they explain how it works.

The Zen Bodi™ System – 3 products scientifically designed to work together

ZEN BODI™ was designed after years of scientific studies with doctors and scientists who have been in the health industry for decades. A proprietary blend of synergistic nutrients, it works by naturally targeting multiple systems in the body. Stop dieting, start living. Unlock the secret of balance with ZEN BODI™.

ZEN Shape™ – With African mango seed extract, green tea leaf extract, and raspberry keytones, ZEN Shape™ fights sugar cravings while controlling hunger. Featured in Forbes Magazine as one of the most effective weight loss supplements on the market, African mango seed extract has been turning heads internationally. In fact, to get the kind of nutrients ZEN Shape™ offers, you’d have to eat 90 pounds of fruit. Meticulously developed, ZEN Shape™ was made to prepare the body for fat loss. A vital part of the ZEN BODI™ System.

ZEN Fit™ – is a rich source of amino acids, which aid with muscle recovery as well as with the digestion of proteins. They are also important for burning fat and helping to lift your mood. A specially formed compound found in ZEN Fit™ works with ZEN Pro™ and ZEN Shape™ to heighten the brain’s sensitivity to leptin, so you know when you’re satisfied sooner – which means you eat just as much as your body needs – no more, no less. A vital part of the ZEN BODI™ System.

ZEN Pro™ – Protein is the ultimate muscle fuel. That’s why we’ve incorporated a potent blend of whey, rice, and pea proteins into ZEN Pro™—to build the power you need to tone up. Our proprietary powder is made from the highest quality protein available, which is easily digestible and healthier than many soy-based formulas. A vital part of the ZEN BODI™ System.

If you are looking to lose weight, reduce your percentage body fat and build more lean muscle tissue in your body, then ZEN BODI™ is for you.

Directions on how to use the program.

1. Take two capsules of ZEN Shape™ before your main meals to curb cravings.
2. Pour ZEN Fit™ into 8–12 ounces of cold water before exercise or twice a day to trim down.
3. Take ZEN Pro™ as a meal replacement or after exercise to help with muscle recovery.

ZEN BODI™ has NOW Launched in Europe which includes UK.

Watch this slideshow to see the products and results we are getting with Zen Bodi™


Click here for more information and to buy Zen Bodi™ scroll down the webpage for ingredients and usage. Click on GET YOUR ZEN BODI™ and join and order as a Member (at discount) you will be taken to an online application form. Or order as a Customer.  You will notice all Zen Bodi™ products currently showing as US$ – just click on the “Market” tab and change to your country!

Individual results may vary. Jeunesse Global does not endorse personal testimonies.

All weightloss claims refer to the Zen Bodi™ System which includes, amongst other things, a balanced diet, regular exercise, an adequate daily fluid intake and appropriate rest. Jeunesse Global products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These materials were prepared by an Independent Jeunesse Global Distributor – Instantly Younger UK

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