NV is the BEST make up to use with Instantly Ageless

Jeunesse NV is the BEST make up to use with Jeunesse Instantly Ageless

As you probably already know, Instantly Ageless is the Jeunesse anti-aging cream with an active peptide called Argireline that works to tighten the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It can be difficult to find a foundation to work well with Instantly Ageless, as it has to be oil free (oil free moisturiser and oil free foundation). The latest product “NV” launched in USA, Canada and Europe (including UK) works perfectly with Instantly Ageless before and after make up.

NV is nourishing with skin-soothing Aloe, buildable and lightweight and gives a smooth long wearing airbrush finish .

NV product details:
Beauty with Benefits

Phthalate, paraben, sulfate and talc free
Youth-enhancing APT-200™
Fast & easy to use
For all skin types and tones
Moisturizing & hydrating
Oil-free mist

Formulated with the Jeunesse-exclusive, youth-enhancing APT-200™, NV™ includes a skin-perfecting primer, foundation and bronzer that give you an enviable, professional airbrush finish.

NV Primer fills in fine lines and creases while extending the wear of NV Foundation.

Available in nine skin tone-matching shades, NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation is fast and easy to apply.NV Bronzer completes your look and can be used for contouring or an all-over glow.

Here’s a demo on how to apply the NV product range

NV is available in USA, Canada and Europe (including UK).

Click here to buy NV in UK

Or select Markets (the country you are in) and then look under Products to find NV.

Click here to buy Instantly Ageless in UK

My routine: I apply primer, foundation and bronzer, then let it dry before applying Instantly Ageless.  But you can use Instantly Ageless under the foundation.

NV perfecting mist foundation and Instantly Ageless is the perfect combination….

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